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Music Chord Wheel

  • 795
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  • Great for students, teachers, and composers
  • Find the notes of 300 chords by just turning the wheel!
  • Remove wheel from card backing, for easy carry and use.
  • Proudly made in the USA
This note finder is great to easily find all the notes in most any chord. 15 different chord variations. Examples: C Aug, A Min 9th, E Dim 7th, B 7th Sus, F Major, and hundreds more. We sold over a million! It was invented and copyrighted by us. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. Proudly made in the USA. Easy to carry, easy to use. Note: This item is shipped with the back card folded over the wheel. This is to protect the wheel in transit. The back 8x11 card is packaging only. You gently pull the card off the wheel before using it.