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Dry Erase Grand Staff + Hangable Note & Symbol Set

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  • Has grommet corners to mount on wall for dry erase use, or place on table top for use with note set.
  • You get a matching package of 46 clear plastic music notes and symbols.
  • Your students will love this! It is so interactive the entire class can compose music at the same time.
  • GIANT music staff- 5 feet long!

This is a durable, laminated dry erase Grand Staff, it can be used over and over again for hundreds of lessons. It's so tough, it cannot be torn. Draw in notes and symbols or use the matching 46-piece Note and Symbols set to teach note names and values, rhythms, composition, intervals, chords, rests, etc.  Use the grommeted corners to place the staff on the wall. If residue builds up, use a dry erase white board liquid spray cleaner to refresh and completely clean the surface. Students can compose their own melodies and more fully understand the differences as minor changes are made by moving or change various notes and symbols. The Dry Erase Music Staff is 61 inches by 17.5 inches.