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Dry Erase Piano Keyboard

  • 2995
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  • This is the #1 graphic for keyboard classroom use.
  • Has grommet corners for wall mounting.
  • Giant laminated dry erase wall keyboard, 61" x 17.5". Great for music teachers at all levels!
  • 3-D graphic image, makes learning exciting.
This durable, laminated Dry-Erase Classroom Keyboard poster is 61 inches x 17.5 inches. This Keyboard Poster is so tough, it cannot be torn. Use any quality dry erase pens sold at office supply stores. Draw in notes, fingering positions, and chords and simply erase them easily. It has corner grommets for wall hanging. Also listed on our store is a similar product, but with white ovals over the black keys so teachers (or students, interactively) can write in note names with a dry erase pen.