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Guitar Pick Guard- Pick Your Color

  • 595

  •  Protect your guitar against scratches from using your pick! Comes in 6 great colors.
  • Left-handed available in black only.
  • It's peel-and-stick. You can remove the old guard, or adhere this guard on top of it.
  • Fits on any guitar, western, classical, etc.
  • You can even trim it with scissors. The traditional tear-shape can't be beat!
  • Made of strong, high-gloss, scratch-resistant acrylic.

All Guitar Pick Guards are made of easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick acrylic plastic in the classic "tear drop" shape as pictured. You can even trim these with scissors. Made in the USA! Guitar Pick Guards come in classic black (which is available for right and for left handed guitars), and in an assortment of 6 brilliant colors which are available only for right handed guitars. The color pick guards are: Light tan, Snow white, Cherry red, Burnt orange, Deep yellow and Mint green.